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Have You Stopped Dreaming?

Dreaming. As a child I dressed as a princess and dreamed of life in a castle. My Barbie (in the days before she had all these beautiful clothes, cars, and professions) could be anything I wanted. My mom’s large cooking pot was Barbie’s swimming pool. In my dreams I traveled the world.

Then life happened, I grew up, and one by one the dreams started fading away. I got so tied up in the ‘shoulds’ of life, I forgot the ‘dreams’.

Recently I bought a tiara o remind myself I am a princess. I am a child of the King of Kings! I am turning down the volume of the voices in my head telling me I am nothing.

What is holding you back from chasing your dreams? For many, it is self-doubt. Let’s step out together, face down that self-doubt and seek those possibilities we have buried.

Stretching my comfort zones, I created my first online video. I am calling it “Teatime with TerryAnn”. I am hoping it will be the 1st of many.

Let’s explore the word DREAM over the next few weeks. For the letter DI dare you. I dare you to dare yourself. Forget all the responsibilities, troubles, and obligations for 1 minute. Set the timer – 1 minute. In this 1 minute write out your dream. Let your mind wander, where will you go in this dream?

That 1 minute may feel like an eternity the first time I did it. I tried it again the next day, it was still hard. After several days, I was able to ignore the beep of the timer.

How about you? Will you join me?

DREAM. The letter D, I dare you.

What Are You Procrastinating

My husband walked into my office finding me on the floor, rearranging power cables. He looked around the room which showed the desk area obviously being re-organized and asked “What are you procrastinating?”

When I am busy with multiple major things, suddenly a minor thing creeps up and slaps me the face, calling out for my immediate attention.

What was I procrastinating? The list was long with so much to do, I wasn’t sure what to do first, so I didn’t do any of it.  Am I alone in this?

My ‘To-Do List’ can be a source of strength, keeping me going; or a source of anxiety, halting all productivity. And the thread that separates the two if often so thin it can snap at a phone call, an email, or a sudden perceived transgression.

Once I paralyze I need help to move forward. My husband’s question “what are you procrastinating” immediately unlocked something inside me that made me face the choice I had made – to ignore what I needed to do and focus, instead, on something that was mindless.

This is what a life coach does – ask the question that helps you stop and look at what you are doing from a different angle.

Yes, the power cords were bugging me and needed to be cleaned up; but not when I had several items with deadlines that needed to be addressed. I needed the nudge to correct my focus. Once I saw what I was doing I plugged the computer back in and got busy.

What are you procrastinating? How will you move forward?