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Eclipse Glasses for my Focus

When eclipse glasses started hitting my Facebook news feed I thought for sure these were a scam. Just do the pinhole trick and save your money, I thought.

Then my grandson came to visit to attend a solar eclipse event with us. He let me try on his glasses. WOW!!! Everything was blacked out, except for the sun. This was so awesome, I wish I had my own pair, but alas, it was too late, everybody was sold out.

When rains started in our local area we were concerned we would miss the fullness of this event so we headed east to a find a state park where the sun was shining and no rain appeared in the near future. Once settled with our lawn chairs with cameras and pinhole pages, we were so fortunate to find 2 people with a stash of ISO approved glasses they were giving away.


Yeah!!  My husband and I each had our own pair.

It was amazing to watch this historic event through these glasses. The only thing visible through these glasses was the sun and moon fighting for my attention.


(My traveling teddy bear watched the pinhole eclipse, he didn’t have any glasses)

Now, with the event over I look at my glasses and wish I could have something like them to help me focus. Imagine putting on these glasses and only seeing the project I am working on!

No more distractions from a popup on the computer screen. Ignore that number that shows up on the tab telling me there is a new email or Facebook post I simply must read. The phone would not be visible for the latest call or text message.

I envy people who can sit down to one thing and concentrate only on it and shut out all other distractions. Just writing this post I remember the event, my mind wanders to where we stopped for lunch afterward, then on to what will I make for lunch today, and do I need to put something in the crock pot for dinner. That doesn’t include the glance at the other monitor showing me the virtual connections I need to complete and that open tab of an unfinished list of notes to use at a meeting tonight. Oh no I forgot I have to prepare for that.

Yes, I need focus glasses.

Since there appear to be none I have to CHOOSE to stay focused. I have to CHOOSE where my attention will be placed and CHOOSE to keep it there. For me this is not easy, but then I remind myself of times I have done so. I can stay focused on a movie I am watching. I can stay focused on a fun activity. Why? Perspective and choice.

Since there are no focus glasses I can choose to turn off the 2nd monitor and set the phone to silent. I work best in low light, so I can choose to turn off the overhead light and use a desk lamp. I could turn off the TV in my office and use another form of sound, perhaps uplifting music.

Yes, there are things I can do. Knowing this isn’t enough. I must CHOOSE to do these things to deter the distractions.

These are some of the choices I have and that work for me.

What works for you? How do you stay focused?  Comment below.

Why I Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions


happy_new_year_balloons_lg_clrAs 2016 approached I started hearing many people talk about their “New Year’s Resolution”.  You probably can quote the most often spoken one “I have to eat all this now, because once January 1 arrives I have to change my diet and start exercising”.

This immediately sends red flags bursting in my head.  Why do you have wait to begin?  Why add 10 more pounds now which will only depress you more in a few days?  How is overeating today going to help you change your eating habits on a specific calendar date?

No, I don’t say these things out loud. But I do ask myself these questions as I look to my own plans for the New year. 

Depending on what report you read, statistics show that 80-95% of New Year’s resolutions fail.

When a resolution is made, it is often a large goal:  lose 50 pounds, exercise daily, quit smoking, etc.  The problem is that while is the goal may be attainable, we often look on it as a one step completion.puzzle_piece_rotate_lg_clr

This one step completion makes me think of a jigsaw puzzle, expecting to open the box and dump the contents onto the table as a complete picture.  It isn’t!  To work this jigsaw puzzle you have to put all the pieces together in the appropriate place – ONE PIECE AT A TIME.  When I work a puzzle I first sort out and find all the outer edges, then find what pieces I can internally that will match, I seek out color and design, and move forward, one puzzle piece after another. 

The same process it takes to complete a jigsaw puzzle is required to complete a new resolution – one piece at a time.  If I desire to lose 50 pounds this year, I need to work on the first 5 pounds, then another, and another. If I desire to run a marathon at the end of the year, I have to get off the couch and start to walk, try a 5k, then start running the 5k, then move on. 

Think back to the days your child was learning to walk. First the baby started to roll over, then tried to crawl and continued until scrambling all around the room. Later the baby tried to pull up on things, then moved along holding onto furniture until finally those first steps away and fall. The baby does not give up, but instead pulls up and tries again until finally walked across the room to you.

We become so hurried and want everything NOW that we forget about those baby steps.  It takes baby steps to makes changes. Celebrate each successful step!  And when you fall, you will fall, get up and try it again.

Start dates and goals are necessary to move forward, but that is not enough. We need accountability and a plan. We need more than a desire, we need commitment.

No, I haven’t made a New Year’s Resolution.  I am making a list of goals and reviewing them for attainability. I am picking the one or two I am willing to commit to and breaking down the goal into small steps which I can achieve and am willing to work on.

What are you committed to in 2016? What plans are you making to accomplish the goal?