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Precious In His Sight

I recently ran across an audio series by Theresa Ingram, wife of Pastor Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge.  I downloaded the MP3 and PDF files and thoroughly enjoyed the “Precious In His Sight” series and teachings of Theresa.  I related so well to her words.

The first part is titled “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall” and looks at  what God says is true about my appearance; I am Beautiful in Jesus’ Eyes.  I was created in God’s image. I am beautiful because He designed me, knows me intimately, and loves me. Though man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.

Part 2 is titled “From Cinderella to a Princess”, noting we are righteous in Jesus’ eyes. There is a difference in our lives before and after Christ.

In part 3 you are “Born to be a Winner”. Theresa discusses how to experience in you what is true of you. What untruths do you tell yourself? What is true of you? I loved her question “what is tatooed on your mind?’   Your self-talk could be your biggest weapon satan will use against you.

Finally, in part 4, appropriately titled “Wings” you are reminded how uniquely gifted and enabled by God to make a significant impact with your life. Yes, are can make an impact. She discusses the 4 road blocks we set up that hinder God from using us.

I was very touched by this series. I heard myself in her stories.

Once I finished I learned that there is an audiobook titled “Precious in His Sight” which is unabridged. The MP3 files are available through Amazon and the Living on the Edge website.

I highly recommend this to every woman who has even the slightest bit of self-doubt.  Yes, God can use you and wants to use you. He can and wants to use me.

This website, my desire to become a life coach and to begin public speak, along with my Knit and Crochet Bibles Studies, and my teddy bears are just the tip of the story He is unfolding in my life.

What story is He unfolding in your life?

What Color Do You See

The purposes of the heart are life deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.  Prov 20:5

Several years ago while sitting on my back deck, a friend looked out into my yard and commented on the beautiful yellow roses I had.  I looked out and saw no yellow roses. The fence was lined with red roses, but no yellow one.  Thinking she had just made a slip in wording I left the comment alone.  A bit later the yellow roses came up again in our conversation. Confused, I asked her to join me in a walk around the yard.

When we came to the roses I asked her ‘what color are these roses’. “Yellow” she responded. I was looking at red roses. I looked closely at her and noticed her sunglasses.  “Take off your sunglasses for a moment please”.  She did so and responded ‘those are red!’. 

Her sunglasses had an amber tint, a strong amber tint, and everything she saw was through the amber lens. Once removed, she could clearly see the true color of the roses.

As a life coach, I help women take off the amber lens to see more clearly what they are facing.

I don’t know of any woman who does not multi-task.  She has to! If you are at work you are thinking of the laundry not yet done at home, what will you be making for dinner, errands you will have to run on your lunch break as well as the project in front of you that needs to be completed for your boss. When  you are at home you are doing laundry, making dinner, getting the kids ready for bath and bed, all the while nagged by what you did not get completed at work.

Even at church, you have a To Do list in front of you and as the pastor is speaking you are adding to your list of things you need to but will probably never get done.

With all this going on in your head the lens of your mind may be discoloring your thoughts. As a life coach I listen to you as you walk through these patches of your life and I help you take off the colored lens to see more clearly what is in front of you. I will reflect back what you speak aloud, and sometimes what you are trying not to speak aloud. I will ask you questions allowing you to look deeper or at a different angle than you had before. Unlike a caring friend, I won’t tell you what you ‘should’ do. You are an intelligent woman. You don’t need to be told what to do. You don’t need a list ‘shoulds’ added to your cluttered thoughts. I can, however, help you remove the colored lens and see things in a different light. Together we can draw out your deep desires which may have become buried beneath the mountain of obligations you find yourself in. We can walk through the roses of your world and find their true color.

What color lens are you wearing? Are you ready to see clearly?

Click on the Move Forward tab to contact me with no obligation.  I look forward to seeing the roses with you.

Confessions of a Recovering People Pleaser – an Introduction

My name is TerryAnn and I am a People Pleaser.

If there was an anonymous group for this, I would be a charter member. 

I have lived my whole life trying to do what others wanted me to. I would then be in turmoil when the desires of 2 more differed or it wasn’t something I wanted. I would have this internal battle over why these people had a control over me. What made them or their opinions and desires more important than mine?

One day I was listening to Aaron Wilburn tell the story of “Hiny The Mule”.  (see the presentation via YouTube here).  It was a funny look at what it is like to please everyone. YOU CANNOT DO IT!!!

HisApproval The struggle to please everyone took away the inner peace I desired.  Christ promised us in John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”  He promised HIS peace. I wanted that peace. So I started to look to Him instead of others.  It wasn’t and still isn’t easy to do. I struggle daily with it. But I realize it is a decision; a decision I must make numerous times a day. I feel burdened when I have done something I think might even slightly displease others. Then I started comparing that to the burden I feel when I don’t have peace about that. Though both burdens are heavy, the conflict and inner turmoil within myself was heavier.

That person I didn’t please (or thought I didn’t please) will have forgotten the situation long before I do.  I am hurting myself more. Sure, some people will reject me. Rejection is hard. Were they really someone whose opinion of me is important enough to live with the inner turmoil?

The hard realization is: it is MY decision.  No matter what others say, my actions are my own.  I am responsible for them, not everyone I hope to please. So I am intentionally adjusting my focus from people pleasing to God pleasing.

Are you on this same journey?  Will you join with me?  We can walk together on the path toward God’s Inner Peace.