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Countdown to 60 – 5 days to go

I always thought people by this age had it all together. Oh my, how wrong I was.

As I look back, I realize age is a number. Every day is an opportunity to learn more, to share more, to love more.

I am not who I was at 20, at 40, at 50. Each day God gives me another opportunity to become the person He is developing within me. Each day is another opportunity to glorify Him.

I have failed along the way, but He has never let me go; never given up on me.

The decade of my 60s is about to begin. What work will He accomplish through me? I look forward to finding out.

Countdown to 60 – 6 days to go

I am creative person. I like working a number of various crafts, particularly knitting and crochet. The creativity of that craft led me to create the Knit and Crochet Bible Study and publish 2 personal devotional journals as well as 2 group versions of those books.

I was intrigued when this quote came across in a recent google search. It truly describes ‘creativity’. When I work with any craft project there is a lot of experimentation. Will this work? what if I work it that direction instead? That doesn’t look right, how should I change it? Oops, let’s rip that out and try again.

I love the final description most – having fun. As a perfectionist I struggle with making something perfect. I was so embarrassed after giving a shawl with a row of crosses and cancer ribbons when I looked a picture I look of the shawl. It showed one cross made incorrectly. I had already given it to my friend. I looked it over and never saw the mistake, until I looked at the picture. The error was blaring – to me. I allowed that mistake (a significant part of creativity) to take away the experience of fun and joy I had in creating the shawl.

I have to remind myself there is no perfection in creativity. There is

  • inventing
  • experimenting
  • growing
  • taking risks
  • breaking rules
  • making mistakes
  • having fun

  • How do you express your creativity?

    Countdown to 60 – 7 days to go

    This phrase has become a favorite of mine; spoken by the lovable character, Yoda of Star Wars.

    When I hear someone say “I will try” I now hear “it’s not that important, I will play at it”.

    Either you will do it or you will not. Trying is not a commitment. Doing is a commitment.

    What are your goals? Will you try to reach them, or will you do what you need to reach them?

    Perspective makes a difference.

    Weekly Journal Prompt

    This week’s journal prompt is intended to bring a smile to your face and you dream and celebrate.

    Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. You are a Super Hero!

    Countdown to 60 – 13 days

    Time flies as my 60th birthday gets even closer.

    Go to my Facebook page (lifecoachTA) and comment on any of the Countdown to 60 posts to be entered in a drawing for a copy of both of my books. Even if you do not knit or crochet, the short devotionals are still relevant. (one entry per comment – one comment per post)

    “I don’t talk negatively to myself”

    After I hosted the first “Defeating the Lies of Negative Self-Talk” webinar, I spoke with a woman who participated. She said “I think what you are offering is great, but I don’t talk negatively to myself”.

    I thanked her for participating. A week or so later we met up again. She said she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t think she talked negatively to herself, and just that day alone she caught herself 3 times! Her daughter was standing beside her and interjected with a few more time she hadn’t noticed. “I am now paying attention to what I say to myself.”

    The first goal of the program is to start to recognize this within ourselves. It may take some time. Catch yourself one time. Make note of it. Don’t stress or fret over it. Notice it.

    You cannot deal with it if you have not recognized it.

    Watch your conversation this week – with others and with yourself.

    Are you speaking to/about yourself in an manner you would speak to/about someone you love?

    “Take captive every thought” – 2 Corinthians 10:5

    Journal Prompt

    Every TV show and movie has theme song. It tells a story.

    What would be the theme song of your life?

    Journal Prompt: Week 14

    You are stronger than you think. This week look back. What is something you did simply because you believed you could?

    34 days to 60

    I love this quote. I can so relate.
    I often look at something I want and play the ‘what if’ game.

    “What if I fall”
    “What if I fail”
    “What if I don’t like it”
    “What if……..”

    Then a new perspective asks
    “What if I fly”
    “What if I succeed”
    “What if I do like it”
    “What if……..”

    Perspective makes such a difference.

    From what perspective do you look at opportunities?

    40 Days to 60

    As a Recovering People Pleaser, I must hold tight to these words.