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‘One of Those Days’ – a journal prompt

I was recently reminded of the Carpenters song “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down”.

Everyone has them. One of those days that just get you down. Nothing really wrong, just blah.

I started thinking about that. When I have those days, what lifts my spirits? A few thoughts immediately came to mind.

  • Neil Diamond music turned up real loud
  • Talking with a friend
  • Playing a board game

What lifts your spirits on ‘one of those’ days?

Weekly Journal Prompt

I was recently talking with some friends. We were discussing things we are looking forward to over the next few weeks, months, even a few years.

It took me a little bit to think of what I am looking forward to. I often think of the next few months, maybe even within this year. When the friend commented saving and planning for an Alaskan cruise it made me wonder what I am planning past this year.

Thus this week’s prompt.

Tonight I am looking forward to the KC Chiefs winning the Super Bowl tonight (it had to be said, hehe).

This month I am excited my small group weekly meeting begin again.

This year I excited to grow in leadership in speaking skills as I continue to participate in Toastmasters.

Beyond that? I don’t know. I think I will pull out my journal and prayerfully consider this response.

How about you? What is something you are forward to?

Journal Prompt

Today is Monday. As I am planning my week I ask myself one question,

How will what I am doing now, bring me closer to my year-end goal?

I have set the course. There will be checkpoints along the way. I must keep my eye on the prize.

This isn’t always easy.

I am a natural multi-tasker. It is not unusual to have more than a dozen tabs open on my browser, WORD, my checkbook software, and more at the same time. I do a little here, a little there, start something else, make a phone call, and continue at this pace. (This also explains why I have a number of knit and crochet projects in various bags in my closet.)

While I do get a lot done, I accept that I would get more if I worked one project all the way through, then move on. Knowing and doing are two separate issues.

Thus, this week’s journal prompt. I have my word of the year. I have goals for this year. I don’t want to keep starting new things. I want to keep growing and learning with a goal in mind. If a new project takes me away from the goal, then I need to reconsider where it will lead me.

This week means completing and posting this blog post, continuing to prepare for the next Defeating the LIES workshop, preparing speeches for upcoming Toastmasters events, and resting when my mind and body say ‘enough’.

What goals do you have for this week, and where are they leading you?

Weekly Journal Prompt

Whether you have been following along the journal prompts for the past year, a few months, or even are just now starting, the goal is to help you look inside yourself. Sometimes we have the strength we don’t realize is there.

Journaling helps to bring that hidden strength to the surface.

This week, take a moment to recall a person, story or incident from your childhood that brings you comfort. What about the story is important? Why is it memorable? What about it is comforting?

Got a Bucket List?

What is on your bucket list? Why is that item on your bucket list?

That is the journal prompt for this week.

Many people I know have a bucket list – things they want to do one day. Others just say there are things they’d like to do. Me? I just say ‘one day I might like to do that.’

For your bucket list consider:

  • Why is it on your bucket list?
  • What do you want to get out of that?
  • What will it take to do that?
  • Why have you not done it yet?
  • What will you feel like once you have done it?

Just to name a few questions.

What bucket list item is the first one you will complete?

2020 First Journal Prompt

And just like that, it is the year 2020.

Last week on New Year’s Eve I remembered back to that night in 1999. I was the computer department for a medium-sized doctor organization with multiple locations. I stayed up all night checking the servers and ready to run to the offices on a moment’s notice if the world were to come to an end when all the computers changed from 1999 to 2000.

Nothing happened, I didn’t have to run out into the night and I slept in the next day.

It is hard to believe that it was 20 years ago. So much has happened in my life in these 20 years.

Each year I set goals for myself. Some I followed through on; others I tossed aside.

Thinking back on this caused me to address this in a journal prompt.

Statistics show that only about 8% of the New Year Resolutions made are completed. Why? There is no commitment, no buy-in.

I want to encourage you this week to carefully consider:

What are your top goals for 2020?

Why is each one important to you?

What will accomplishing these goals give you?

Take some time this week to establish a goal. Make it a smart goal.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

If you would like to talk about these goals one-on-one, send me a message.

Imagine it is now 2021 and you are discussing your accomplishments of the previous year. What will you be celebrating?

Decade-End Journal Prompt

As this year, this decade is coming to a close, I am reminded how far I have come and how I have grown over the past 10 years.

Some steps may be small, but they are steps ahead nonetheless.

I intentionally defied doctor recommendations and fought to quit taking opioid medications even before the big society push to do so. It took over a year, but I did it.

I completed studies at the Professional Christian Coach Institute and obtained my first level of certification, CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach).

I hosted local workshops on Boundaries using material from Doctors Cloud and Townsend. I also hosted local workshops on Defeating the Lies of Negative Self-Talk with the materials I created.

Journal prompts were posted weekly. I am working on consistency in all areas of online posting.

Other changes were small.

Like making an effort to wear make-up. I don’t usually do more than a foundation so I am like a teenager playing with make-up colors and techniques.

Despite the physical pain, I strive to walk – even a short distance – weekly.

I am working toward a routine of personal time with God.

There is no major life-changing step, yet there is so much to celebrate. Yes, there were failures. I learned from each one and used it as a step toward success.

What are you celebrating as this decade comes to a close? Take a moment to review. Write out your successes, no matter how small. Every step forward is significant.


My Word for 2020 is….

Do you choose a “word of the year”?

I started doing this several years ago.  In 2018 my word was ‘unstoppable’.  It reminded me to keep moving toward my dreams, and that the only one to stop me from pursuing it would be me.  

For 2019 a short phrase was my focus “stay the course”.  I was reminded to keep moving forward on the course God has set me on (Psalm 119:1).  I do not yet know what is at the end of the path, but I know He is with me.

When I look at the year 2020, so many references to vision come to mind.  I argued with myself on the word ‘vision’ because I figure everyone will be using it.

Then I read Romans 12:3 “Be honest in your evaluation of yourself…”  Wow. I have been posting and teaching on stopping the lies of negative self-talk and replacing them with truth. God’s truth.

I am discouraged today, feeling down, telling myself so many lies. Writing this post reminds me I am doing exactly what I teach against.

The word “REFLECTION” came to mind.  I found a picture I use in some of my illustrations of a woman smiling at herself in the mirror.  I added the word REFLECTION at the top and wrote out Romans 12:3.

This is my word for 2020.  REFLECTION.  This year I am reminded to be honest in my evaluation of myself. I will reflect on who God says I am.

It is with this word I will conducting additional “Defeating the Lies of Negative Self-Talk” courses in-person and online.  It is with this word I will begin leading some “Boundaries” courses using material from Doctors Cloud and Townsend.  It is with this word I will be unstoppable, as I stay the course, and reflect honestly on God’s view of me.

I love how I can look back and see the progress God has made in me by reviewing past words.  Each one leads to the next step of my spiritual growth in Him.

What is your word for 2020? Where will it lead you? How can I help you?

Journal Prompt

It is hard to believe Christmas 2019 is just a couple of days away.

Today I wrap the last of the gifts purchased and prepare for various family gatherings.

Time and life has shown me the time together is much more important than any physical gift.

This peace I get as we gather is a precious gift itself. It brings such joy., no matter what else is happening around me.

This week’s journal prompt asks you to think about when you feel joy.

Journal Prompt – week 51

I cannot believe it is the middle of December. Today we are experiencing a winter storm here in the Midwest. It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As I have been speaking with different people over the past few weeks about the Christmas season.

It made me consider this week’s journal prompt.

What does Christmas mean to me? I have conflicting emotions right now as several close family and friends are going through difficult times. The joy that the season celebrates is not there for them. Today, Christmas means something different for them.

Thus the journal prompt “What does Christmas mean to me?”

How will you answer the question?