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Defeating the Lies of Negative Self-Talk

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

When you make a mistake?

Are those words self-defeating, or encouraging?

I recently caught myself after I heard someone declare “I do not like to hear you talk about my friend like that”.

I worked hard to look at the lies of my self-talk, replacing them with the truth. I started to look at myself the way God sees me.

It wasn’t necessarily fun. It truly wasn’t easy. But it certainly was worth it.

Join me for a FREE Webinar titled “Defeating the Lies of Negative Self-Talk”.  Yes, you CAN gain control of negative self-talk and face down the lies.

In this 45 minutes presentation, I will guide you through (1) seeing with a new perspective to recognize the negative self-talk (2) finding unknown possibilities as you consider the talk as lies then you will (3) personalize and image speaking truth to the lies so that you can proceed and change the self-talk.

Don’t listen to that negative voice telling you that you cannot change, sign up today

You will walk away with tools to get you started. If you choose, you may accept an offer to follow up in a way you can dig deeper with these and Defeat the Lies of Self-Talk.

Join me on March 4th, and take your first steps to March Forth into Truthful Self-Talk. Sign up at via Eventbrite – the link to this online event will be sent to you via email.

Journal Prompt – Week 7

What would you do differently if you could do one thing over?

Journal Idea – Week 6

Let’s dream a bit with this week’s Journal prompt.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Why did you choose that place?

What will you do while you are there?

Journal Idea – Week 5

When I get bogged down by the difficulties of time I tend to isolate myself.

To pull back, I have to remind myself “I am not alone”. It’s those times my weakness abound. That’s all I can think of.

My husband steps in and reminds me of my strengths. One after another he states the different strengths he sees in me; the ones I am hiding from.

Slowly I walk out of that isolation and into the strengths. Life’s difficulties can be tamed when I am strong. His support strengthens me.

Who is your biggest supporter? How do they support you?

How Journaling Led To A Published Book

I have been encouraging you to journal. Hear how my journaling led to publishing 2 books on Amazon through this youtube video   h

Or….. read it here.

Hi, TerryAnn here. I have my hot cup of tea, It’s rather cold with lots of snow here in the Midwest.

While I am sitting back,  relaxing and enjoying my tea I was just thinking that I asked all of you to start doing some journaling and to join me on this journey of journaling For the last few weeks I have given you a prompt – just something to think about when you sit down to write.

Whether you use that prompt or go on to something else is irrelevant. What’s important is that you are starting to just look within yourself. Start to write and don’t worry about grammar, don’t worry about punctuation, don’t even worry about the flow. Just write.

How are you doing?

As my husband and I were talking about this earlier I was reminded that it was journaling that led me to writing and publishing on Amazon two books.

The first one is “The Proverbs 31 Woman: God’s Work in Progress” and the other one titled “Stitched in Christ” 

Both of these books came from journal entries that I made. I enjoy knitting and crochet.  It was during some difficult times I was playing with my yarn that got me started.  I pulled out some yarn, all knotted tangled up. A part of my journal entry that day was how this knotted yarn reflected how I felt right then.

Fast forward a few years.  I’m looking back over my journal entries and all of a sudden it hit me. There was a theme. Several of these I then edited and put out there for others to read. From here I created the “Knit and Crochet Bible Study”. These books then came from those writings which then I posted on Amazon in book form.

I just want to share with you that you know there is so much within you that you don’t even know where all of this is leading you to.

Take the time to journal. Look deep within yourself. This is between you and God;  between you and yourself. Nobody else has to see these – unless one day down the road you get this bright idea to publish your thoughts into books and put them on Amazon.

If you’re interested in the books, go to Amazon and look them up.

Even if you don’t keep journaling, go ahead and make some comments.  I’d love to hear how journaling is working for you. Until next time, enjoy your cup of tea and stay warm.

Journal Idea – Week 3

Whether you start today, or have been following along from the beginning, keep writing.

Today we look at “Something I do that brings me JOY is…….”

What brings joy to your life? Take time to reflect.

Journal Idea – Week 2

What baggage, habits, lies will I leave behind as I enter the new year?

Journal Idea – Week 1

What is THE ONE PRIORITY I want to focus on this new year?

Note to Myself – Journaling through 2019

Do you journal? There are many articles and reports declaring the benefits of journaling. Some benefits include:

  • Clarify thoughts and feelings
  • Problem solving
  • Emotional release
  • Focus
  • Gratitude
  • Perspective

I have dozens of notebook laying around. I pull one out and start writing. I find it becomes my way of “letting it go” as Elsa would say.

Over time I have learned to set my perfectionism aside. I allow myself to write without paying attention to sentence structure and grammar. I allow myself to think freely and write in that manner. I am often surprised to find what I wrote when I finish.

Some people I have spoken to don’t want to journal because of fear someone else will read it. I harbor that fear as well.  My solution – if I have written something I want no one else to ever read, I shred it when I have read and processed my thoughts.  This is a note to myself, something between God and me. Shredding it assures me no one else will it.  It also has its own healing power as I destroy those thoughts that have haunted me.

Some journals I put away in a drawer, and forget they are there. I recently found one I had set aside. In reading what I wrote, I found I lamented about a situation that bothered me. A sudden realization came to me – the situation is the same, but I am not bothered by it anymore. I have changed my perspective and expectation. I smiled in a small celebration. I am growing and learning through this.

Others have cringed at the word “journal”.  The word itself is paralyzing. So don’t call it a journal. How about “My Thoughts” or “Note to Myself” or even “Just Because”.  It’s just a word. Find one that will propel you, not limit you.

There are no RULES for writing like this. Write to yourself, write to God…just write. That’s all.

To help you begin the process, and to keep me focused as I strive to ‘stay the course‘ I will post a prompt every Sunday or Monday as a possible topic. Even if you don’t choose the topic posted, let it be a reminder for you to write. Choose your own topic.

Make it fun, not a chore. Here are some suggestions.

  • Find one special notebook
  • Attach a special pen
  • Decorate it with pictures, stickers, drawings
  • Keep it in a safe place

Create yourself an inspiring place to write:

  • Plan on having a cup of hot tea
  • Sit in a comfortable chair
  • Turn off the TV or other devices for a few minutes
  • Begin with prayer or other meditation to clear your mind

Journaling doesn’t have to be perfect, organized, confusing, or frightening. Many things are like this when they are unknown, when they are new, when it is something you haven’t done before. Step slowly in to it. Try it once a week to start. Give yourself permission to do it.

Imagine it is December 31 a year from now. What will you find if you look back over your writing?

Will you take a step and join in this year? Watch for a post with WEEK 1’s writing suggestion.




If The Tiara Fits


Today is one of those “I need my tiara” days.  What is an “I need a tiara” kind of day?
It’s one of those days when I’m overwhelmed by the multitude of things I have to do. I feel I’m being attacked from so many different sides, I cannot focus. I cannot think straight. Eventually I start thinking “I can’t do this” and then negative voices start speaking in my head (not real verbal voices, just those overwhelmingly negative feelings) The sounds of the negative voices gets louder and louder until it becomes all consuming and that’s all I can hear.
Not long ago my small group from church did a video study called “Crash the Chatterbox”.  In this video the author, Steven Furtick, describes different ways that he personalized those negative voices allowing him to face them down. Taking my cue from this, I chose a couple of ways to silence my own negative voices.  The one I’d like to share with you today is – a tiara.
You see, the negative voices make me feel that I am very unworthy; however when I wear the tiara I’m reminded I am someone special.
Did you watch the latest royal wedding?  I have some friends who recorded every moment of all the activities surrounding that event and they enjoy watching it over and over. The world appeared to be totally fascinated with this woman becoming royalty. Just by this act, she was suddenly someone very special.
I want to remind myself I am worthy of that as well.  I did a Google search and one of the interesting things I found about royalty is that when you dine with the Queen, once the Queen stops eating – everyone stops eating. It doesn’t matter if you still have two more bites of that delicious chocolate pie left, you don’t get to finish it. By laying down her fork, the Queen has declared the meal ended.  Using his analogy, I applied it to those negative thoughts and voices. I put on my tiara and declare “Negative voices, you will no longer dine on my doubts; you are no longer welcome to feast on my failures; you will not be permitted to snack on my lack of self-confidence. NO to you negative voices. I am royalty and I am taking charge. This meal is over!”
I know it sounds silly, and watching a woman nearly 60 years old with her little plastic tiara (by the way, It’s 5 or 6 dollars at the local party store) might even bring a smile to your face. I know it does to mine. Whenever I see the tiara or my reflection in a mirror, I smile. And that smile, that little laugh can actually turn down the volume of those negative voices until I can’t hear them anymore. As the negative voices go away the volume of the positive ones grow louder and louder.
When I am having a day where there is so much coming against me I cannot see the positive, I put on my cute little five dollar plastic tiara and totally turn my day around. Thinking in a positive way can allow positive things to happen.
What is something that you can do to bring a smile to your face and turn down the volume on the negative voices in your head.  I’d love to hear some of your thoughts.
Today, I am Princess TerryAnn