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Journal Prompt – week 25

Whether you have been journaling along all year or are taking your first step in to the weekly journal prompts, congratulations.

I hope you find value in taking a few moments to sit back, clear your mind, and let your thoughts flow.

This week’s journal prompt asks you to write about something you are really good at. What is it? Why are you good at it? Do you enjoy it?

I am really good at

Journal Prompt

Do you ever walk away from a conversation thinking to yourself “if they only knew such-and-such about me”.

That is at the center of this week’s journal prompt. Write about something you wish people knew about you, but you don’t want to tell them.

Some of the directions this writing could go includes:

What do you wish they knew?

Why don’t they know?

What if they did know?

What part of this am I willing to share?

To whom would I open up?

…Just to name a few

I want to remind you, your journal writings are private, unless you choose to share them. Are you finding ways to be open with yourself?

Good Enough

I describe myself as a Recovering Perfectionist with a Type A personality and OCD tendancies.

I struggle with finding ‘good enough’. When will I be good enough? Is it possible to be good enough. What if someone doesn’t think I am good enough? These questions haunt me, and as I have spoken with other women, I realize I am not alone.

I often paralyze and don’t do anything if I feel I will not be able to perform to perfection. This is neither healthy nor productive.

I was reminded today of the phrase “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Despite the basketball picture I created, this led to a discussion on baseball. The batting average of most professional players is between .250 and .275. Someone with a batting average over .300 is considered a very good batter and can be paid millions of dollars.

That player worth millions of dollars may hit the ball once every three times; that’s a success rate of one third.

So why do I feel unworthy when I do not perform at 100% excellence all the time?

Looking with a new perspective, it is time to take a step back and re-evaluate my need for personal perfectionism.

I will continue to always give my best, but I must learn to take a step back to reconsider giving perfection.

It is hard to accept there is a difference between doing my best and being perfect. It is a LIE I have been telling myself. I need to start practicing my own preaching about LIES.

Perfection is not the definition of ‘Good Enough’. Giving my best, is. And yes, TerryAnn, there IS a difference.

How do you fight the need to be perfect?

Journal Prompt – week 23

I cannot believe it is already week 23 of 2019. Have you been following along with the journal prompts?

This week week we look at peace. What is it? When do you feel peace?

Jesus says He is giving up His peace (see John 14:27). Peace doesn’t mean there will be no difficulties or that we will always be happy. Peace is different than happiness. You can be in the midst of turmoil, yet have peace.

What does peace look like to you?

This week’s journal prompt begins with “I feel at peace when……” When you feel at peace?

While I was working on this journal prompt and wondering about my own peace I came across a phrase that really hit home. So many times I looked at peace to mean avoiding conflict. But as this phrase reminds me, that may bring peace to the situation, but it starts a war within myself. It takes away my peace.

I guess before I can describe feeling peace, I must first define it.

What does peace look like to you? Can you define it? When do you experience it? If you are willing, share your thoughts below.

Weekly Journal Prompt

We go through struggles and often get caught up in the chaos of life around us.

It is sometimes possible to get caught up in this that we forget to celebrate the successes.

Okay, let me reword that. Sometimes I get so caught up in the drama and chaos around me I forget there are successes. I need to celebrate and remind myself of those successes.

So this week’s journal prompt has you reminding yourself of one or successes in your life. Describe something about you that you are proud of. Celebrate! You worked hard. Don’t let the successes of life be crowded out by the chaos of life. What are you proud of?

What have you learned about yourself since you started journaling? Take a moment to comment below. Celebrate!

Walk With Me

I’ve not seen it actually happen, but it occurs a lot on TV dramas. Someone asks a question and the other person says ‘walk with me’. They then walk down a hall or along a path to discuss whatever the topic is.

The implication, this is something we need to work on this together.

I ran across a quote that reminded me God doesn’t want us walking alone.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 read ” Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.
Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.  But how can one keep warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

God did not intend us to walk alone. He looked at Adam and said “It is not good for man to be alone” and created Eve. So they walk together.

With technology today, many people spend more time with their computer screens than interacting one-on-one with the people around them.

For myself, when I work, I prefer an office by myself, with the door closed. I get a lot done. Work is more productive and goes much faster.

But there is more to the job than that. When I work alongside someone with a goal in mind we get much further in the process.

When I go for a walk the same thing happens. I can go it alone at a pace I desire and get there faster. But when I walk with a friend, we have conversations, we laugh, we share, and can keep on going.

I was reminded today “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Jesus said this often to his disciples. He would walk with the 12, and other times he would take 3 and say ‘walk with me’.

Alone time is good, and everyone needs that. Remember to include someone else in your walk. Not just through your keyboard. Someone you can look in the eye and say “walk with me”.

Who do you walk with?

Journal Prompt: Week 21

It’s never too late to start journal writing. Pick up a cheap spiral notebook or find a special bound one, it doesn’t matter. Join in!

If you enjoy reading, or watching movies, what character do you admire the most? What do you admire about them?

This week, consider if you could be that fictional character, then contemplate why.

Journal Prompt – Week 20

This week journal prompt asks you to look at your life.

As children, we have dreams of what life will be like when we grow up.

Did life turn out as you dreamed?

What surprises you about your life?

Walking Blindly

I am in a couple of Toastmasters clubs. In one club there is a member who is blind. I am awe-struck whenever I see her.

This woman sees through hearing, and she ‘sees’ a lot. She picks up on things people do simply by listening and notices things those of us who are watching don’t necessarily see.

Over the weekend we were both attending a conference where I had an opportunity to see her in a larger public arena. I was most impressed seeing her walk through the halls and meeting room. I expected to see her holding tight to someone’s arm as she was led around. Not this woman. She did have guides, but these people walked a step or two away from her and made statements like ‘turn left here’, ‘there is a door to your right’, ‘the table is just ahead’.

She trusted these people and followed their lead. She walked independently and made her way through the large crowd. She placed her faith in the words of the other person.

For we walk by FAITH, not by SIGHT. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Nothing keeps this woman down. She holds out her stick to alert her to any obstacle and listens to her companion for direction. She hears the conversations of those walking the halls as well. And she moves with confidence. She doesn’t step hesitantly; she steps firmly and moves forward. She sees her next step by the words of the other person. When she moves, she focuses only on the next step. She stays in the moment.

How often to I stand, paralyzed with fear at the unknown even when I can see all around me. I wonder at what is beyond my view. I am concerned about the steps behind me. I stand, wondering, fearing what is seen and what is not seen.

Suzie is the ultimate image of what it means to ‘walk by faith’.

Watching her this weekend reminded me I need to close my mind’s eyes and open the eyes of my heart to walk where God’s Spirit leads me – one step at a time. I need to listen, to focus on now and take each step boldly.

What do you see on your path? How are you walking? Are you being led by faith, or by sight?

Journal Prompt – Week 19

My ‘verse of the year’ is Psalm 119:1. It reads “You are blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God.”

I can walk that road, but I get flustered when I find a road block on it. OK God, now what?

Do I find a detour?

Should I turn around and go back?

Perhaps I need to address the roadblock and do something with it.

I don’t know. Then I get flustered. I paralyze with uncertainty.

It is at times like this I need to STOP. I have to force myself to take some deep breaths.

The hard part is looking at that roadblock with a clear vision. Perhaps I can step over it, or around it. In order to see more clearly the roadblock, I must clear my mind. I must look to possibilities and options in the here and now. I often must give up my past misconceptions. I remind myself of the prize at the end of the path.

Once I get a clearer view of the roadblock and my options, I must act. Staring at it will not get me past the moment.

I encourage you this week to look at the roadblock keeping you from moving forward. How will you, how do you, address it?

There may be multiple roadblocks in your path. Which ONE will you face down? Once you have faced that one, look for another one. Face it.

What is beyond the roadblock in your path? Do you want to get to the other side. How will you do so?

I share some of my tactics, what do you do? If you wish, enter in the comments below.